• Mental health issues are treatable, and increasingly preventable.  I hope one day to tell my grandchildren of a time when mental health wasn’t always seen in the same way as asthma and diabetes, and physical health.  

    If you have ever wanted to know exactly how you were really tracking, starting this Check-in is a big step in the right direction.

    Ms Peta Slocombe - Managing Director Vital Conversations 

  • Leading an organisation that provides front line services, I see the impact on individuals and families as they often struggle to first understand what to do.  More importantly, I have seen lives flourish when people discuss their mental health when they get support from their families, friends, community and professionals, so I believe that “checking-in” is something we all should do.

    Mr Mark Fitzpatrick – Chief Executive Officer St Vincent De Paul Society (WA) Inc

  • This innovation addresses a significant community issue, while helping us all to be proactive in tracking and managing our own mental health.  I am honoured to be an Ambassador.

    Ms Fiona Beermier – Chief Executive Officer Intework 


  • I personally delight in anything that works towards raising happy, healthy children who feel good, function well and ultimately do good for others. It is my great privilege to become an Ambassador for the Check-In, a project that will help us all do so much for our future.

    Dr Kate Hadwen – Principal at Presbyterian Ladies College Perth

  • I am concerned about the relative lack of discussion in our communities about the influences and measures of mental wellbeing. I am participating as an ambassador in the hope that I can assist in rectifying this.

    Mr Adrian Arundell – Director Azure Capital


Track your own mental health through the most comprehensive psychological and physical mental health check-in the world has ever seen. We have combined the world’s first objective measure of stress and sleep with an online check-in survey. It’s easy to complete, private, and tailored uniquely to you.  It’s time to check-in with how you’re tracking.

To make a real difference to the mental health of all Australians, we have to start with ourselves.  Be proactive in checking in with our mental health in the same way we do with our physical health.  It’s time to check-in.

Be part of Australia’s biggest mental health check-in.

Available Monday 10 October 2016